My Creations Paper Pouch by CTMH for Memorial Packet

We recently had a celebration of life for my husband’s Great Aunt and Great Uncle.  I made some packets to hold a memorial pamphlet and keepsake using the CTMH My Creations Paper Pouch (large size).

Stamped with Quick-Card Butterfly

Stamped with Quick-Card Butterfly

I added a pressed flower sticker to each and stamped their first initials.  Jeanne and Winston were married 73 years and were very happy together.  They passed within two months of each other.  I made the memorial pamphlet using a greeting card program to make a quarter fold card and added an old photo and a newer one inside with some quotes and clip art.

The large paper pouch is just the right size for the pamphlet.  The paper stamped very nicely.  The butterfly stamp has a sentiment included that says “Love as delicate as a butterfly’s wings as strong as the circle of life.”  It was so appropriate.  I used the Lagoon stamp pad for the aqua color.  My sister-in-law purchased the little bag of pewter mementos online.

Quarter Fold card fits nicely inside the large paper pouch

Quarter Fold card fits nicely inside the large paper pouch

We had a nice celebration of their lives.  They both were in there 90’s and had full lives.  I was happy to help with making these mementos for the family who gathered. I hope that you, my readers, don’t have a loss in your family, but if you do I hope this idea is of use to you.


Quick Cards Butterfly A1120 $6.95

Large Paper Pouch Z1828 $3.95 (20 food safe bags)

Lagoon Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad Z2195 $5.25

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