Archive | September 2017

My recent arts and crafts projects

I have been learning to reverse enamel paint on glass.  I took a video class online.  Cheryl Chapman is the artist who taught the class.  I love her style and the process but I am using my own drawings to develop my own style.  I paint the glass with several layers of enamels with a firing for each layer.  When done I full fuse, and add a slump firing if needed depending on the project.  I drew the cat art shown and mounted it into a frame.  Keeping this one for me but have three more other pieces in process with leaves, a flower and another, but different, cat.  I crocheted a dumpling cat for my grand-daughter and that led my cousin to ask for a lamb for a baby gift, so I crocheted that too.  I made a fall cloth banner with heat transfer vinyl too.  That is going to the shop for sale.  I will drop it off this week.  I crocheted a dish towel and matching dish cloth but didn’t take a picture.  Having fun!